VPS Hosting with HostZealot

VPS hosting is a modern solution for e-commerce businesses. Virtual Private Server, or shortly VPS, is trustworthy and offers high-performance, enhanced security and freedom to administer your server. In terms of functionality and expenses, VPS hosting lies in the middle between shared hosting and private dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is much cheaper than renting a private dedicated server. That is a cost-effective solution to meeting the demands of a business that has outgrown capabilities of shared hosting.

Who needs VPS hosting

VPS hosting answers the problems of scalability and limited resources. It is usually preferred by growing online businesses, web sites that have a huge amount of traffic and need reliability and high-performance. VPS hosting provides a stable connection and it is load-resistant to a large number of visitors. Thus, it is often used for advertising campaigns, online applications, e-stores that have large databases, and information sites connected to various news feeds or search engines.

VPS Hosting with HostZealot

HostZealot is an experienced player in the web hosting service industry. The company cooperates with leading European data centers and offers dedicated servers in Poland, Estonia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and other countries.

Sweden is one of the best locations for having a dedicated server in Europe.

Renting VPS in Sweden enables taking advantage of the following features:

  • Your project aimed at European users becomes easily accessible by the target audience.
  • European legislation fully protects the confidential information on the server.
  • On-demand or full administration of your project by our technicians.
  • Free software that allows you to diagnose equipment state and to monitor consumed traffic.
  • Reliable hardware from SuperMicro, processors from Intel.
  • Customers support 24/7.
  • Reliable backup power system and an efficient cooling system, that are safe for the environment.

You can receive the high quality of services at affordable rates due to the fact that servers’ equipment placed on our platforms in the data center in Stockholm is the property of the company.

Choosing HostZealot you receive the maximum capacity for realization of your business goals at a reasonable price.

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