Medicare and Medicaid health insurance programs include transportation services for people with complex health conditions who are otherwise unable to get to their healthcare appointments. This opportunity is provided by NEMT companies. 


As the demand for safe transportation grows, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation companies face a lot of technical challenges. Billing Medicaid can be a time-consuming process with daily setbacks and inaccuracies. Making sure you are adequately reimbursed for your services is often an exhausting process on top of the work you put into your transportation business. This is when having a reliable billing software becomes essential.

BillPro is an efficient Medicaid billing software for companies in New York, including those that work out of the state.

BillPro NEMT software helps streamline and simplify claim management and billing operations. This software reduces various errors and inaccuracies, ensuring a much higher number of clean claims. There will be far fewer rejections, denials, or incorrectly paid claims. Therefore, providers will always get their reimbursements on time.

The HIPAA compliant software meets all the out of state Medicaid billing requirements and plans. BillPro billing software is comprehensive, user-friendly, and reasonably priced, it helps to avoid oversights and carry out accurate billing.

The BillPro platform can be integrated with your existing software, simplifying the transfer of data and eliminating obstacles. With built-in logic and reliable controls, the software ensures accurate payment and reporting. Providers have complete control over client data and accounts receivable. This straightforward procedure is fully automated and takes only minutes, reducing denials dramatically.

The cloud-based NEMT software is accessible from a computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device. BillPro NEMT billing software makes your workflow straightforward, accurate, precise, and fast.


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